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BG Localization

Снимка от скрийншот на компщтър, който показва страница от програмата на компанията за Бизнес партньори, с полета за попълване на данни

SAP Business One is a global solution used in over 140 countries around the world, thanks to the flexibility to adapt to tax requirements, languages and currencies of different markets.
The Bulgarian Localization for SAP Business One is a development of Eltrade Ltd., which adapts SAP Business One to the tax policy of the Bulgarian legislation (VAT).
Thsi development consist of the following elements

  • VAT codes settings
  • Generation of entries in the journals Purchases and Sales with the appropriate identification for the use of VAT credit
  • Generation of invoices, notices, protocols, customs declaration
  • Generation of monthly summary statement based on diaries Purchases and Sales.
  • Generation of VIES
  • Generation of electronic files of the monthly journals for submitting directly to the authorities
  • Layouts of documents with mandatory details

Another important element of the Bulgarian localization, apart from the requirements of the tax policy of the Bulgarian legislation, is the translation of the interface into Bulgarian. With its help, the product is fully translated and receives constant updates with each new version of SAP Business One. Regardless of version and the database (MSSQL or HANA), the localization package is available for both platforms.




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