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Eltrade has 20 years of experience in the development and successful implementation of commercial POS software for our customers. The Eltrade deployment process is carefully planned, customer-oriented and follows a detailed plan.

Implementing SAP Business One can be a complex process that takes weeks. However, with proper planning, detailed requirements, clear roles and responsibilities, and realistic customer expectations, the deployment of SAP Business One can be completed in a timely manner.

Eltrade provides fast implementation of SAP Business One, following a step-by-step process that is customized according to the business process, operations and customer requirements.

  1. Meeting with the client

2. Demonstration

3. Business processes

4. Creating a business plan

5. Project realization

6. Go Live

By understanding the business of each of our clients, we are able to reduce implementation time and minimize pitfalls and errors on the way to achieving the goal of using ERP.

The Eltrade implementation team is committed to the success of our client. During the implementation process, the implementation manager meets with the client to make sure that the project is on schedule and provides progress reports, answers questions and addresses any unresolved issues. Provided that there are no unforeseen failures and the customer is able to devote the necessary time and resources to support the implementation of SAP Business One, the entire process, from purchase to launch, takes approximately 8 weeks.

Creating a business plan

The implementation of SAP Business One begins with an in-depth analysis of the customer's business, which includes a detailed description of the processes, clarification of functional requirements, study of system requirements, clear delineation of implementation stages and relevant components.

Software installation and setup

After specifying all the necessary information during the business analysis and creating an implementation plan, the next step is implementation according to a prepared and signed Business Blueprint. The first part covers an audit of the system to confirm that the minimum hardware requirements have been met. When all the requirements are met, the installation of SAP Business One starts soon after.

Setup, data migration and user settings

Once SAP Business One is installed, configuration, data migration, and customization follow.
This stage of the deployment process involves migrating business data from previously used software and previous systems.
There are several different ways to customize SAP Business One. SAP Business One has the ability to integrate various add-ons that extend the functionality of SAP Business One or integrate applications other than SAP. Other types of customization are done by designing custom workflows and business process rules and / or creating specific report templates. The length of this phase depends on the complexity of customizing and / or integrating applications.

User training

Before starting to use the system productively, all key users pass training. During the trainings and subsequent meetings with key business users, additional information about the requirements of the business is discovered and applied to the processes of SAP Business One. Once the trainings and final adjustments are made, the system is ready to start.

Go Live and support

Once the implementation is complete, a productive start can be set (real work with the system), and immediately after this start the support of SAP Business One is activated by Eltrade.

Eltrade provides SAP Support related to troubleshooting, providing upgrades and patches.

In addition, subscription plans can be purchased for consulting, improving business processes and providing ongoing training for end users.