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Bank Integration

SAP Business One provides the Electronic File Add-in: Format Definition (EFM) for designing various electronic file formats. There are different approaches to importing different file formats in SAP Business One.

With the help of (EFM) various projects for formatting bank payment files (BPP) can be set up. Projects for bank statement file formats (BFP) can also be created.

With SAP Business One Bank module, you no longer need to process bank statements manually. The bank statement can be imported from a file and based on predefined criteria, SAP Business One can make suggestions with which lines of the statement can be associated with operations in the ERP system. Accordingly, when recording the statement to generate incoming / outgoing payments or equations.

We from Eltrade have developed a template for importing electronic bank statements SWIFT MT940 / MODIFICATION "MULTICASH", but can also be developed import from another structured text or XML file that your bank provides.