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Remote Support Platform for SAP Business One (RSP)

Remote Support Platform for SAP Business One is the primary support platform for receiving SAP Business One support services.

Remote Support Platform 3.2

Learn about new features that will help you start your SAP Business One system more efficiently, such as:

* Dedicated checks the status of SAP HANA / SQL
* Fixes and tasks for SAP Business One, version for SAP HANA / SQL
* Backup SAP HANA / SQL databases, schedule backups or delete old archives
* Email notification of results;
* SAP HANA schemе compliance check performed before each schemе archive or export;

End-to-end support

The SAP Business One Remote Support Platform (RSP) is an automated tool that will increase operational efficiency, reduce risk, and reduce maintenance time.

RSP can actively monitor the status and integrity of client databases and send the results to SAP and support partners, who are then able to notify the client administrator of known issues. RSP also allows automatic database correction by performing corrective tasks.

Availability and system requirements

The Remote Support Platform (RSP) 3.2 for SAP Business One is available in unlimited delivery.

The following versions of SAP Business One are supported by RSP 3.2:

SAP Business One 10.0 (for both MS SQL and SAP HANA)

SAP Business One 9 family (for MS SQL and SAP HANA)

RSP for SAP Business One can be installed on systems running any version of SQL Server that is supported by SAP Business One in support.

SAP recommends that you use only operating systems that are primarily supported by Microsoft.